Linux modified battery for CM Fs3 quad

When your smart phone’s battery is not very supportive with your life’s activity and having a power bank handy is not very healthy for the battery lifespan either you tend to look for a very reliable power source to suite your need. Unfortunately when searching on Google doesn’t do any good with this locally manufactured phone as its not really giving the best solution to your problem. Thanks Facebook group for giving me the idea. You might want to check this group as well if you are a
Cherry Mobile Flare S3 user like me.


This is where i got the idea of Linux modified battery, and to return the best news i had for my phone, i am extending this review for those people who has doubt at first.


This battery i got is 4500 mah for 750 Php and it comes with a free Alibaba slim armor. Since it has more batt capacity , i dont expect that it will be fitted like the stock battery, its more bulky in actual and the reason why it comes with a slim armor case is that you can no longer use the back cover of your phone .



Lets talk about performance , since am all data user the stock battery of 1800 mah would hardly last an hour. Now for a week of using this Linux my phone can survive 1and a half day of data usage with video streaming (data on and off, youtube video stream, spotify music. For straight data usage this can last up to 9-10 hours) i am not quite sure for data gaming . *sorry i am not a hard core gamer, i cant tell*

These are my battery stats while using it as i write this down ..



Thats quite a hype if your a phone dependent person like me. Like my tv, radio, camer, phone, and computer is what i call my handy dandy smartphone flare s3  .

When i got this for the first time the reseller did provided me with information necessary like how to calibrate the battery, charging instructions and all that. It also has like 15% default battery charge which to my surprise lasted for almost 4 hours (with data on and off usage)


Heres a screenshot after calibrating the battery with battery life app few hours after i got the linux.


The usual charging can take up to 8-12 hours depending on what type of charger you use. I never use the stock charger of fs3 anymore because its taking forever to charge (i am impatient of waiting so understand that 10 hours for me is long enough without a phone in my hand) . I use my Alcatel charger instead  for it takes only 5-7 hours to have it fully charged. I can just sleep , wake up and unplug the charger .



I have drained the battery till its dead after i got it, then charged it from 1:30 pm to 11pm manila time with the stock charger while the phone is off . To calibrate the battery (for accuracy of battery stats  purposes , like the screenshots i am posting)  you will need to use up all your battery’s charge and recharge it while phone is off twice . You’ll not only thank your self doing this just by seeing good stats on your phone but in the long run, this will keep the health and lifespan of the battery too. And of course its still not advisable to use the phone while charging ( and i don’t see a reason to still do that knowing what your battery can do for you). Soon you’ll notice a routine of charging time, like for me i usually charge it in the afternoon before going to sleep  if the battery is already below 10% ,  but if not i am assured that my phone will still save my tomorrow.

My phone is not rooted yet so i use manual calibration plus Battery Life App, if yours is rooted then there are a lot of applications to calibrate it like greenify (im sure you have much knowledge about a rooted phone than i do ;))


If your convinced enough with the Linux modified battery and planning to buy heres where i got mine. Contact these persons base on your location, some numbers are posted as well so give it a shot!  (Joine the fb group for cherry mobile fs3 users *link above* to get the contact number of other reseller . They also do shipping :mrgreen:)



Other Cherry Mobile models are also available like for Me vibe , Flare Xl etc. . For hard core gamer there is also 6500 mah . Just contact those people posted they know more about other products they offer.

All in all , i am satisfied with my phone specs plus the linux battery . My phone can rest from charging every now and then , and i am happy going over a day without me having to be stuck beside a power outlet.

Kudos to who invented this great news for Fs3 Sir John Paul Castillo (Antaba ng utak nyo Sir!! **JK** )

Thanks for reading and hope you find this article helpful and informative!

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This is what Weekends Tastes like 👍

I really am not an alcoholic person, but when work stresses you too much and you cant get out of town to unwind, your taste buds are craving for something you’d feel delighted. So i came up searching for that “something” over the net and look what i found , Jello Shots and Drunken Gummies !!
These alcohol infused treats are perfect to liven out parties,  its just that not so famous here in the Philippines as it is for college parties in the US
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Saving for the future…

It all started when i realized that me and my daughter’s piggy bank is getting heavier everyday. Though its not full yet, i decided to deposit it in a bank already instead of waiting for a time that i can no longer carry the heaviness of this coin bank.

So i have read many articles and did my research Before i came up with a decision. Of course there are a lot of banks to chose from and I’m sure they all  offer good services depending on your need. But i found PSBank the one very convenient for me . First is its location, I’m just 10 – 15 minutes away from their Zabarte branch  plus its bedside to where i do my grocery so no hassle when i have to do banking. Second of course i  did also consider their interest rate which is quite higher than what others have to offer (0.500%)


They have varieties of savings account to choose from and i opted for the Atm savings . Here are some benefits and features of this account:



When all the coins and paper money were counted , all my requirements are ready , i headed to bank with a little excitement.

Drop off the jeepney,  manong guard did gave me a ticket number once he opened the door for me. I sit around and waited (why in the world i have not bothered to ask a question with what to do?!) then i noticed the “New Account” desk so i came over and ask for a form to be filled out for a new account.

The lady asked for my id, checked it first then gave me a form to put on my signature thrice. So i did signed and she once again validated the paper. I was surprise that she told me my signature varies and that it should be exactly the same as what is on my id . My thoughts were like “isn’t it enough to see me personally do my signature?”. Then this lady asked to practice my signature until i perfectly can do whats on the id.

Here’s the list of requirements by the way :
Two valid identification card
Photocopy of id
Id picture (though they’ll ask you to bring one, they will just take a picture of you from their camera , but just to make sure bring your 1×1 pic still )

I was ready to pack my things up and head to the next bank beside it when this lady told me “hindi na po ba kayo magpapractice ng pirma nyo? Bawal po ilabas ang form” . It sounds ridiculous to me, but when i looked at those heavy coins again i said to myself i don’t
want to carry that heavy bag again , so i lifted my head and forcedly signed that paper again. Once done , gave it back to that lady and i was amazed how she have the guts to say “this is your right signature mam” (so she knows what is right or wrong out of my penmanship, how amazing!! ) .. 

It went easy on the next steps as she gave me the registration form and she assisted me with where i need to put on my signatures, little q and a as she input my answers on her computer. She also briefly discussed the terms of the savings account i chose. Then the lady never failed to upset me again as she just left in front of me without saying anything then i just heard someone called my name from the deposit counter asking for the money.

This deposit counter girl was nice and accommodating, i knew its gonna take a while because of my coins that they have to count as well but its OK. This girl is kinda building small talk so its not boring, makes me forget also that negative experience with the lady at new account desk.

After counting my money, she asked me to sit first while waiting for my atm card. The lady the  called my attention and gave me my card and instruction of changing the password then after gone in my face again.

Its true you’ll get your atm card with your name on it the same day. That’s one if the good thing that you don’t have to go back after some banking days.


After changing my pin on the atm machine, i made sure i got all the details i need when i remember i dont know my account number. I have to get back with new account desk to ask for it.

It wasn’t a pleasure experience after all but i have accomplished opening savings account with PsBank. Hope you find this article helpful somehow.

Thanks for reading :mrgreen:😍

The Ten Things Every Woman Must Have Realized at 25

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You are at the point in your life where and when you feel that you are 100% an adult. You earn your own money, you support your family, you pay your bills (and have consistently done it on time), you clean your own apartment, you buy your own groceries, you create life-changing thoughts and decisions in your shower (or in the loo, your choice), you do your laundry, you (try to) manage your schedule (juggling work, family, love and recreation) and you are 25.

And then there are moments in being in this quarter of a century that you understand you are at least a little wiser than yesterday and so much more than 365 days ago. You’ve learned that:

1. Family is everything. This is something you’ve heard countless times from your parents and other grownups when you were just a few feet old but you’ve really learned its…

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